What is this program?

An ICF accredited intensive 9 day training program to develop systemic coaching skills

The Learning Architecture

The powerful dimension of this relatively short coach training cycle rests on its original teaching frame of reference in total coherence with the spirit of systemic coaching. 

The learning process is immediately focused on teaching advanced coaching skills, addressing each participant as a potential master systemic coach rather than as a beginner. The taught techniques are distilled to their finest dimension, and exempt of superfluous theory. 

The resulting accelerated learning process is focused on very practically acquiring the art (know-how) of essential masterful coaching. 

Consequently, the total proposed training program represents a relatively complete practical educational program on implementing the fundamentals of masterful coaching. 

Additional resources

The comprehensive program also includes participation in: 

- A peer group which offers intensive and complementary coach training opportunities.

- A full day of supervision and mentoring at the end of the cycle to prepare for future development as a coach 

Program design

The program consists of 9 days of training and practice, distributed as: 3 modules x 2 days each + 1 module of 3 days, over 3 months (November 2021 to February 2022).

Each two-day session is conceived as a focused and practical behavioral training environment focused on acquiring practical coaching skills (know-how). 

ICF (International Coaching Federation) connection

The program offers the skills for minimum PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level according to ICF (see here more details about the 3 levels or credentialing).

So anyone willing to begin their journey into coaching, will get enough knowledge and skills to easily pass their ACC exam (first level into coaching).

For more experienced coaches, who are already ACC level, this program offers the necessary practice hours and skills to pass the PCC level.

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